If I do this course will it help me to gain ukchip registration? Will you provide me a referee and a sponsor?

UKCHIP Yes, when you successfully complete either the CHI or the DipHI you will be awarded a year’s UKCHIP membership (affiliate or Level 1)  for free.  See http://www.health-informatician.com/ukchip-uk-council-for-health-informatics-professions/ One of our Directors will act as your sponsor and also as an academic referee. You can add this to your CV […]

Seeing a [blank] lesson page? – How to view lessons on iPads and iPhones or add flash to your browser

If you see a picture like this when you start a lesson, don’t panic… it’s because we still use flash to display some of our course lessons. Shortly, our new ‘mobile enabled’ website will be launched but until then, users of non-flash enabled browsers will need to install a flash player and owners […]