If I do this course will it help me to gain ukchip registration? Will you provide me a referee and a sponsor?


Yes, when you successfully complete either the CHI or the DipHI you will be awarded a year’s UKCHIP membership (affiliate or Level 1)  for free.  See http://www.health-informatician.com/ukchip-uk-council-for-health-informatics-professions/

One of our Directors will act as your sponsor and also as an academic referee.

You can add this to your CV and use your award code so that any who have been given your code, can validate your qualification online.  See http://www.health-informatician.com/certificate-in-health-informatics-chi/#VoA

If you qualify for UKCHIP Level 1 membership (requires min. 1 year working in the industry) you may add the ‘UKCHIP Registered Professional’ logo to your email and other signatures.


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