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Health informatics professionals understand how information technology can be used to benefit the health and human services industry.

Health Informaticians are specialists who create new ways for healthcare providers (e.g. hospitals, general practitioners, complementary care practitioners) and research centers to gather, store, analyse and share information about patients and care processes and to communicate with one another, while streamlining interpersonal communication between staff members and patients.

Why not consider becoming a Health Informatician as your foward career path?

Health Informatics Career Options Average Salary* USD $ Average Salary* GBP £ Salary Trend 2012-2014 in USA
CIO CTO – Chief Information Officer $210,000 £131,000 +110%
Health IT Consultant $144,000 £90,000 -15%
Information Governance $132,000 £83,000 +72%
Chief Security Officer $113,000 £71,000 +5%
Health IT Project Manager $107,000 £67,000 +33%
Health Informatician $98,000 £61,000 +33%
Business Analyst $87,000 £54,000 +12%
Clinical Information Systems Specialist $85,000 £53,000 +35%
Health Systems Programmer $76,000 £48,000 +22%
Manager Health Information Management $69,000 £43,000 +32%
Clinical Database Specialist $64,000 £40,000 +20%
IT Helpdesk $33,000 £21,000 -25%
* Salary and US Trend figures provided by (March 2014)

In the U.S., because federal legislation has increased their demand, Health Informatics jobs are the No. 1 opportunity in an emerging industry.


Putting jobs that require a doctorate to one side, these are on average, some of the highest paying jobs in the medical world.

In the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2013 salary survey, the average salary in the survey’s sample of 1,126 healthcare IT professionals was USD$113,269 [CBC show=”y” country=”au”] ~ AUD$124,705[/CBC][CBC show=”y” country=”ca”] ~ CAD$127,082[/CBC][CBC show=”y” country=”be,de,es,fr,gr,ie,it,mc,nl”] ~ EUR€82,115[/CBC][CBC show=”y” country=”in”] ~ INR6,900,913[/CBC][CBC show=”y” country=”nz”] ~ NZD$132,672[/CBC][CBC show=”y” country=”gb,uk”] ~ GBP£68,706[/CBC].

The median salary (that which falls in the middle of distribution) was USD$95,000 [CBC show=”y” country=”au”] ~ AUD$104,691[/CBC][CBC show=”y” country=”ca”] ~ CAD$106,585[/CBC][CBC show=”y” country=”be,de,es,fr,gr,ie,it,mc,nl”] ~ EUR€68,871[/CBC][CBC show=”y” country=”in”] ~ INR5,787,875[/CBC][CBC show=”y” country=”nz”] ~ NZD$111,273[/CBC][CBC show=”y” country=”gb,uk”] ~ GBP£57,625[/CBC] .



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