I am involved in staff education and training for my healthcare enterprise. Can we make use of your courseware?


I am involved in staff education and training for my healthcare enterprise.  Can we make use of your courseware?



Yes, you can.

These courses give you the opportunity to:

  1. Involve large numbers staff in a programme for the better understanding of health information, management, IG and risks,
  2. Provide externally produced reports of on-going health informatics training activity (showing that both a plan and commitment to quality, excellence and best practice is in place), and
  3. Achieve this at minimal time and cost.

The materials are copyright, but you can enrol your participants in the program, monitor their progress and hold your own internal study sessions to discuss the topics further, as well as add sessions of your own for your staff.

To set-up simply instruct your staff to complete the following information box on their profile page (after they register) with the name of your enterprise or department.

Employer Partner code

You can request periodic ‘Evidence of Study’ reports from us where we provide you with formal documentation listing your staff, what they have studied and how much time they have spent studying the courses.  These reports are proof of your proactive action to train all your team in health informatics, information governance, the protection of patient privacy and confidentiality, health information ethics and risk management.  They are documentary evidence should this ever be needed in the event of a data breach and support any case your organisation might put to negotiating more favourable assurance premiums.

You can stop at the end of the nine free CHI courses or your staff can continue to become qualified in Health Informatics through sitting our exams.  Co-branded certificates are also an option.

And we can even offer you a group discount – contact us for details.




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