Diploma in Health Informatics (DipHI) 4

UKCHIP EQAS Accredited

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The Diploma in Health Informatics is a specialised professional qualification


If you’re not familiar with the terms HL7, DRGs, casemix, XML, PKI, HIPAA, minimum datasets and evidence-based medicine or, if you didn’t know that SNOMED-CT is an amalgamation of the concepts contained in the UK’s READ codes with SNOMED codes, then you’ve got a lot to look forward to with the Diploma in Health Informatics program.

Study online and at your own pace, in concentrated blocks or one 5-12 minute lesson a day.

If the term Health Informatics is new to you then take a look at this page – What is Health Informatics?

You will cover the following subject matter in HIC’s accredited Diploma in Health Informatics (DipHI) program:

HI203 Health Informatics – the full program

All Courses (for the full list of what’s covered in the DipHI, click here)

  • HI203-01 Information in the Healthcare Setting
  • HI203-02 Electronic Health Records
  • HI203-03 Terminology, Coding and Classification
  • HI203-04 Data Collections – for Care, Management, Audit and Research
  • HI203-05 Basics of Computer Technology
  • HI203-06 General Computer Applications – enterprise, web, core clinical
  • HI203-07 Networks and Communications
  • HI203-08 Systems Security
  • HI203-09 Information Privacy
  • HI203-10 Standards in Health Information Management Systems
  • HI203-11 Systems Acquisition – Specification, Selection and Contracting
  • HI203-12 Systems Implementation and User Support
  • HI203-13 Artificial Intelligence
  • HI203-14 Expert Systems and Data Warehouses in Healthcare
  • HI203-15 Networking Care – the Information Management Perspective
  • HI203-16 Information Governance and TeleMedicine
  • HI203-17 Systems Integration and HL7



The DipHI lessons are presented in a format that allows the reader to swipe-scroll and adjust the print size to their individual needs.

HI203-03 screen shot

Click to enlarge

Complete all 17 courses (HI203-01, HI203-02, etc) and you become eligible to take the DipHI exam.

The time that you spend online is also recorded by the system and will be presented on your official transcript of academic study. This is valuable if you intend to submit the time you have spent studying to a professional society for the awarding of CPD merits.

The DipHI courses are best studied in the sequence listed on this page and if you can set aside 7-15 minutes a day you will easily complete at least one course and all it’s elinks per week.

If you prefer to do a concentrated study effort, you may, and complete as many courses as you can at that time but don’t race through the courses or omit the elink references if you want to score well in the exam.

To enrol in a course:

1. login – you will see the ‘Overview of My Courses’

2. if you are already logged in, click hidotco at the start of the ‘breadcrumb’ trail

3. click ‘List ALL Courses

4. select the course and start studying.

Note that if you click on course HI203-04 or higher, the system will make a record of your enrolment request but you will not be able to study until a course controller has accepted your progression to the next course.



As you work through the lessons, elinks will appear (see highlighted text in the above screen shot). Click on these to access additional reading materials and exercises available via the Internet.

elink button click here
The DipHI program has 473 elinks that are regularly updated and reviewed.

Geo-sensitive advertising is approved for display on the elink pages and we encourage the promotion of events, resources, products and promotions of interest to health informaticians.

To move from the elink page to it’s internet or downloadable resource simply click this elink image that will be displayed at the top right of the elink page.


Self-assessment Questions

Each course provides a set of 15 self-assessment questions for you to do after you have completed the reading material. 225 in total for the DipHI. These help to test your knowledge and identify any areas that you might need to review or re-visit.


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The DipHI reading material is available separately from our publishers in printed paperback form for those that need to study offline.

Health Informatics Books

Click for more on official texts

HI203 – Health Informatics

Students who are fully registered for the DipHI are offered a 60% discount off the retail price for HI203 – Health Informatics. Only orders placed directly with the Registrar can be discounted via this offer.


Verification of Participation (VoP)

Once you have completed a course, the system will assigned you a Verification of Participation code (VoP code).

Your VoP code is displayed on your profile page (which you can access by clicking on your name top right of screen) when logged in.

If you are applying for CPD points or wish to show an enquirer or prospective employer a summary of your progress, simply send them your VoP code and direct them to enter it at http://www.health-informatics.co/awards

Infor Matician VoP Enrolled CHI

Click to enlarge

At any time you can display a summary of your progress either by:

1. clicking on ‘Show all grades’ on the home page displayed after login (i.e. your grade book), or

2. entering your VoP code on the awards page at http://www.health-informatics.co/awards

Here’s an example of the Verification of Participation display.

Fees and Registration

There is no fee for studying the first 3 DipHI courses. We do not ask you to provide any personal financial information nor do we ask you to provide any credit card details.

When you decide to formally register in the DipHI program simply enrol in HI203-REG. You can do this at any stage of your study. Within a day or so of enrolling in HI203-REG the Registrar’s Assistants will email you with your options. These options will identify any deductions from government funding, corporate sponsorships, accrued affiliate credits and so forth that are applicable to you.

Click here to access the full DipHI fee for your country.

Payment is via Paypal (unless a corporate arrangement has been made – see below). In countries where Paypal do not operate payment will be via international bank transfer. Our payments team will provide all necessary instructions and any assistance you may need.

Paypal will accept payments from Paypal account holders or by credit card. You do not need to have a Paypal account nor do you need to set one up to make a credit card payment.



Funding schemes do exist to assist some students financially.

There are government and professional institution schemes (in which case proof of nationality or membership may be required).

There are discounts for some full time University students (in which case scans of student ID cards are usually required).

There are also supplier and employer-backed grants and scholarships (in which case you will either know of them and provide your code or you will be presented with the scheme and its requirements and it will be your choice as to whether you ask us to put forward your name).

We don’t guarantee any schemes will be available to you as an individual but we will always endeavour to identify any that might be available to you when you register at HI203-REG.


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Corporate Invoicing

Should you wish to have your organisation or employer pay our invoice, this can be arranged. Let us know when you reply to the HI203-REG email with options that we send out. Be aware however, that some organisations’ procurement processes can be lengthy (e.g. the time they take to gather information and enter us in their system as a supplier, then issue a purchase order number, then request our invoice – often in a non-electronic form and by post – and then pay).

[CBC show=”y” country=”gb,uk”]Note: If your employer is the NHS, we are a registered supplier on the Shared Business Services (SBS) database and several Trust systems and this will help speed up the process.[/CBC]

Paying in Instalments

It is possible to arrange to pay in instalments for the DipHI provided you are paying with Paypal.

The schedule for payments in instalments is roughly as follows (we will notify you of the exact sums when you make your request):

  1. 1/4 to be invoiced at HI203-REG. Upon payment HI203-04 to HI203-07 may be studied.
  2. 1/4 to be invoiced upon completion of HI203-07 and enrolment in HI203-08. Upon payment HI203-08 to HI203-11 may be studied.
  3. 1/4 to be invoiced upon completion of HI203-11 and enrolment in HI203-12. Upon payment HI203-12 to HI203-15 may be studied.
  4. 1/4 to be invoiced upon on completion of HI203-15 and enrolment in HI203-16. Upon payment HI203-16 to HI203-17 may be studied and the exam undertaken.



Any payments made by you or on your behalf to us are non-refundable unless determined otherwise, on a case by case basis, by our Directors. We advise you to fully avail yourself of the opportunity to study the free courses prior to any decision to register and pay.

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions may be read here. You will be asked to read and agreed to these when you create your username and password for access to the elearning zone. Our privacy policy may be read here.


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The DipHI Exam and Assessment

When you have completed the 17 modules of the program accumulating 17 DipHI credits and you have registered and paid, you will be ready to undertake the Diploma in Health Informatics (DipHI) exam.


We will generate your exam assignments and email them to you along with the instructions.

The DipHI examination assessment is intended to certify to the outside world not only that you have completed the study materials, but that you have understood them and are able to use the information when dealing with practical issues and situations. For this reason some of the questions present a scenario, define your role in that scenario, and ask you to summarise how you would respond to the questions, issues or challenges that you are confronted by.

The assessment will comprise two parts:

  1. You will be assigned a specific topic to be researched and presented either in person or as a pre-recorded video (e.g. youtube, webex) presentation depending on the technologies available. Your presentation should be concise, comprehensive, and above all relevant to the topic: you should aim to deliver your presentation in about 7-10 minutes, using whatever props and audio-visual aids you consider appropriate. After reviewing the presentation, HIC staff and faculty may ask you questions on your presentation and on issues relevant to the topic.Your presentation will be scored on the content and relevance of the presentation, together with the quality of your response to any questions asked.
  2. Prior to that and on or before a date advised by the program office, you will be required to submit an assignment in which you provide a concise response to ALL of the topics on the list of presentations, EXCEPT for the one which you are being asked to present yourself (see 1 above). Each of your responses should be concise and comprehensive, may be in point or note form as long as the meaning remains quite clear, and should be in the region of 400-500 words long. Excessive length will incur a penalty.

There will be 8 topics in total.


Your responses MUST be submitted within four weeks of the distribution of the list of topics, and in Word / Open Office / Rich Text Format. You will be advised by the Registrar’s office upon successful receipt of a readable submission: if following submission no such advice is received you should contact the Registrar’s office for instructions. If we encounter any difficulty reading your file we will notify you in our acknowledgement of receipt and request that you send it in an alternative format.

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The markers of your paper will be academically qualified to Masters level or higher and have extensive healthcare and informatics industry experience.

Credit will be awarded for:

  • The prioritization and nature of the separate issues/points presented in your response, demonstrating your mastery in understanding the domain/topic area and planning your response
  • The clarity/precision of the explanation of each point, demonstrating your mastery of the detailed knowledge and information relating to each topic or concept

Credit will not be awarded for irrelevant material nor for any material obviously copied from lessons, elinks or material submitted by other students.

Adjustments will be made for any and all errors, even if they occur in material that is not relevant to the question.

Deductions will not be made for sentences which are mis-spelled or ungrammatical, as long as the sense remains crystal clear.

Your script will be returned to you complete with the marker’s annotations identifying where there are considered to be errors and omissions.


Your result will be represented as a grade, from A-F as determined by the total of your marks. The meaning of each grade is as follows:

Grade A – An excellent performance – Distinction

Grade B – A very good performance – Merit

Grade C – A good performance – Credit

Grade D – An adequate performance – Pass

Grade F – A poor performance – Fail



The implications of the grading are as follows.

Grades A – D will all generate a positive academic transcript and the issuance of the relevant DipHI award certificate at the appropriate grade level.

Grade F will not generate a positive transcript nor will they lead to the issuance of the relevant academic award.



If when you receive your grades, you feel that you could and should have done better, you may appeal your result to the Registrar, and an arbitration process will be commenced.

We will work with you during this process to help determine the best course of action as a consequence of your result.


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The DipHI Certificate

When your result is declared final, your DipHI certificate will be produced and posted to you…

Official Transcript

…along with your academic transcript.

Verification of Achievement

Having passed the Diploma in Health Informatics (DipHI) your awards page will show…

Infor Matician VoP Graduated

Click to enlarge



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Accreditations and Endorsements

HIC’s Diploma in Health Informatics has been accredited by the UK’s leading Professional Body for Health Informatics UKCHIP. The courses are endorsed and (in some cases) incorporated under license in residential programs of prestigious UK and international universities.

Our list of accreditations and endorsements is displayed here.

Your Next Steps

Congratulations! Upon successfully completing and passing the DipHI, you will join the ranks of our diploma graduates and alumni.

You may use the letters DipHI after your name.

You (and anyone you provide your DipHI code to) can use your DipHI award code to verify your achievement on our Roll of [CBC show=”y” country=”us,ca”] = Honor[/CBC][CBC show=”n” country=”us,ca”] = Honour[/CBC] awards page http://www.health-informatics.co/awards and you should now add this to your CV, your LinkedIn profile, etc.

We will send you details of some of the benefits and rewards now open to you (see below) and we’ll also encourage you to continue your studies and enhance your qualifications with our partner Universities.

UKCHIP Registration

Usually in the same email we use to notify you that your diploma has been despatched (and in the event you have not already acquired UKCHIP membership from being awarded the CHI), we will send you the UK Council for Health Informatics Professions (UKCHIP) affiliate or level 1 free registration form and instructions for applying for membership.

You simply complete the form and email it to the UKCHIP administrator email address provided and include the following text in your email (note: your code will replace our sample code below).

To verify I have completed the UKCHIP EQAS accredited HIC Diploma in Health Informatics, please enter the following DipHI code 6wabre-7pedaf at http://www.health-informatics.co/awards

If you are applying for level 1 and wish to include a sponsor, we will also provide you with a sponsor’s email address for your application.


CPD Merits

Most professional societies and associations consider it essential to record your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities so as to keep track of what you have done and how your knowledge, skills and competencies have improved over time.

You can put the DipHI on your plan and record your courses and hours and the results of having achieved your goal of completing the DipHI on your CPD list of activities.

You should review your DipHI effort and consider:

Has it delivered what you expected of it?

How have your knowledge, skills and competencies been enhanced?

We’d love to have your feedback on the questions too.

CPD plans are usually employer independent and so remain portable throughout your career.


Progression to Masters

Having successfully completed your DipHI, you should be thinking of continuing with a Master’s degree. Your success with the DipHI will increase your options and with some of our partner Universities, can result in an allocation of academic credits, the waiving of certain pre-requisite requirements (such as the need for an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree) and help you gain entry to where you’d most like to go. The Registrar’s office will de their best to help you with you next steps here.


Referral Rewards

If you refer www.health-informatics.co to your colleagues and associates and they enter your email address in the Affiliate’s email field when they sign-up, you will receive 20% of their fees back to your paypal account up to the maximum amount you have paid. If you live in the UK, Australia or New Zealand or you operate anywhere in the world as a business please contact us to find out more our commission referrals.


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