Swansea University – MSc invitation to HIC’s DipHI graduates

Swansea University’s Masters in Health Informatics program includes NHS and industry internships beneficial to international students and others who may not have ready access to NHS facilities.

Course structure
Students must complete 6 modules (4 core and 2 optional modules) to earn a minimum of 120 credits in total in Part One and produce a dissertation of not more than 20,000 words on a relevant health informatics topic in Part Two to graduate.  Each module for this course requires five days of intensive study in Swansea. This will be augmented by preparatory and reflective material supplied via the course website before and after your visit.

Attendance pattern
Students are required to attend the University for 1 week (5 consecutive days) for each module in Part One (the minimum is 4).  Attendance during Part Two is negotiated with the supervisor.

Please note that offers are subject to receipt of satisfactory references and meeting minimum English language requirements.


“The College of Medicine in Swansea University welcomes non-graduates to apply for its Masters in Health Informatics course.  Those who have undertaken at least two years experience in any branch of health informatics and have completed the HIC diploma level course would stand an excellent chance of being made an offer of a place.  The HIC course is excellent preparation for studying health informatics at Masters level.”


Tony Paget, Course Director – MSc Health Informatics, Swansea University College of Medicine

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