Indispensable free (or value-for-money) software

Herewith a summary of current software favourites from health informatician’s comments received to date.

We recommend you always read online reviews and visit sites such as for independent assessment of any software before you consider using them yourself.  Please also note that the links here are often not top of the list at such sites, they are simply top of the feedback list.


#1 the general purpose list

  1. Microsoft Security Essentials (not needed for Win8)
  2. 7-zip
  3. PDF24 Creator
  4. Skype Desktop
  5. VLC media player
  6. Paint.NET


#2 the more techie list

  1. TrueCrypt
  2. AES Crypt
  3. Notepad++
  4. Beyond Compare (30 day free trail period is day’s used)
  5. Windows Grep


Reviews – check out… where you’ll find reviews on the best freeware programs as selected by independent editors for their quality and performance – many are as good as or better than their commercial counterparts.  The reviews are worth referencing frequently as software popularity and rankings change with improvements and as new contenders enter the market.

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