What would this compare to in the US education system? 2


I am working on the diploma program.

What would this compare to in the US education system?  A Bachelor or a Master’s degree possibly?

Or does the UK advanced education system confer degrees in a different manner?


In general terms and in the academic environment you can equate program HI101 as first year Bachelor’s degree level, HI201 as second year Bachelor’s and HI203 (our DipHI) as first year Master’s / post-graduate.

Because the field is new, most Universities offering a Health Informatics degree tend to focus on Master’s level programs, expecting their students to already have other under-graduate (Bachelor’s level) degrees (in healthcare or science and technology) and professional experience from ‘time worked in the industry’.

Some will incorporate our materials and text books into modules of their programs as the University of Kent did in their Master’s of Surgical Practice (no longer offered) from 2000 to 2011.

Others will provide cross-credits or accept our DipHI graduates as having the right to apply directly for their Master’s programs without having attained a Bachelor’s degree.

Our Diploma in Health Informatics will enable you to cover all you need to know should you be thinking of undertaking a full Master’s level degree now or in the future.

Because it is accredited by the UK Council for Health Informatics Professions (UKCHIP), upon achieving the DipHI you will be accepted as an affiliate for four years (if you do not yet have any industry experience) or as a full member (if you have at least one year’s experience in the industry).

You will be able to add the letters DipHI to your name and the UKCHIP Registered Professional logo to your signatures and CV.  Prospective head hunters, recruitment agencies and internal HR personnel will be able to view your qualification on our awards page and see you listed in the UKCHIP register of professionals.

If you are a member of any industry-related professional society (such as Dentistry), you will be able to present them with our official transcript of your academic record.  In most cases, this is more than sufficient evidence for the awarding of continuing professional development (CPD) hours or merits under the rules of those societies (though we do advise all to enquire of their societies first).

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