1. University of Kent - HIC's modules used in MSc programme (2000-2011)
    The core courseware comprising the Certificate in Health Informatics was integrated into the University of Kent's "Health Care Information Management and Systems" module of their MSc in Surgical Practice (now ceased) from 2000 until 2011. The

  2. Spine 2 - success for the NHS
    Sooraj Shah reports on the NHS's successful implementation of Spine 2 - in 'Computing'. Points to focus on: Proprietary Oracle database is out, Open source RIAL NoSQL database is in Avoiding vendor lock-in Using G-Cloud Modifications

  3. What's covered in the DipHI?
    HIC's accredited Diploma in Health Informatics (DipHI) is a comprehensive 17 course online program covering everything to do with Health Informatics and Healthcare Computing. Study in block or spend 7-15 minutes at the start of each

  4. Key Issues in Electronic Health Information Infrastructures: what really matters
    In the life of an EHII or EHR system, there are a number of key considerations which determine the required functions of the system as well as various aspects of its construction and incorporation of standards.  These essentially define the

  5. Issues in Electronic Health Information Privacy and Security: what really matters
    The right of the individual to control who knows what about them is an embodiment of the ethical principle of autonomy: the law, too, at least in most jurisdictions, embraces the principle of autonomy and requires that individuals give valid and

  6. Healthcare Information Systems and Standards: what really matters
    Current initiatives worldwide are aiming to deliver a healthcare system where care integrity is improved and at the same time the risks of adverse events are reduced, both through seamless information interchange between systems and care providers.

  7. Swansea University - MSc invitation to HIC's DipHI graduates
    Swansea University's Masters in Health Informatics program includes NHS and industry internships beneficial to international students and others who may not have ready access to NHS facilities. Course structure Students must complete 6 modules

  8. London International University - licenses HIC's CHI & DipHI courseware, texts and exams
      "Having successfully passed LIU's curriculum evaluation and marking requirements, LIU is pleased to announce it's endorsement of HIC's Certificate in Health Informatics and Diploma in Health Informatics programs to be included in the