1. Indispensable free (or value-for-money) software
    Herewith a summary of current software favourites from health informatician's comments received to date. We recommend you always read online reviews and visit sites such as www.techsupportalert.com for independent assessment of any software before

  2. Your skin, the waterproof touchscreen!
    We knew this technology was around but were still impressed to see it packaged in a product like this. Imagine it in the healthcare setting - gloves and fluids, no

  3. Vote to fund Andrew's Portable Eye Examination Kit using Smartphones - this is what Health Informatics is all about...
    If there were ever a shining example of how Health Informatics can be utilised to develop innovative new ways of doing things and save huge amounts of money, then take a minute to look

  4. Shellshock - Apple and Linux operating systems are vulnerable
    You may have heard about the recently identified Shellshock vulnerability in the media. The vulnerable component is the Bash shell which is found in Linux distributions. This issue also extends to Apple computers and portable

  5. Spine 2 - success for the NHS
    Sooraj Shah reports on the NHS's successful implementation of Spine 2 - in 'Computing'. Points to focus on: Proprietary Oracle database is out, Open source RIAL NoSQL database is in Avoiding vendor lock-in Using G-Cloud Modifications

  6. 2014 Healthcare Informatics Top 100
    Every year Healthcare Informatics ranks the 100 vendors with the highest revenues derived from healthcare IT products and services earned in the U.S. based on revenue information from the previous year. All companies meeting this criteria are

  7. New UK Informatics Federation for BCS, UKCHIP and IHRIM
    A new UK Informatics Federation was launched by BCS, UKCHIP and IHRIM last month at HC2014. The Federation aims to improve the professional standing and reputation of health and care informaticians. UKI will  ……. Provide Leadership of the

  8. Fees
    Fees and Registration   No fee to study all nine courses that make up the CHI - it's free! There is no fee for studying any of the courses for the Certificate in Health Informatics. We do not ask you to provide any personal financial

  9. Open Clinical
    OpenClinical has been created to: Promote decision support, clinical workflow and other knowledge management technologies in patient care and clinical research; Disseminate methods and tools for building healthcare knowledge applications that

  10. Health Informatics Forum
    Health Informatics Forum is a social networking website for health informatics professionals and students from around the world. Administered by Dr Chris Paton – a Clinical Research Fellow (Medical Doctor) at Oxford University, the site has over

  11. What's covered in the DipHI?
    HIC's accredited Diploma in Health Informatics (DipHI) is a comprehensive 17 course online program covering everything to do with Health Informatics and Healthcare Computing. Study in block or spend 7-15 minutes at the start of each