1. What would this compare to in the US education system?
    Question I am working on the diploma program. What would this compare to in the US education system?  A Bachelor or a Master's degree possibly? Or does the UK advanced education system confer degrees in a different manner? Answer In

  2. Seeing a [blank] lesson page? - How to view lessons on iPads and iPhones or add flash to your browser
    If you see a picture like this when you start a lesson, don't panic... it's because we still use flash to display some of our course lessons. Shortly, our new 'mobile enabled' website will be launched but until then, users of non-flash

  3. If I do this course will it help me to gain ukchip registration? Will you provide me a referee and a sponsor?
    UKCHIP Yes, when you successfully complete either the CHI or the DipHI you will be awarded a year's UKCHIP membership (affiliate or Level 1)  for free.  See

  4. Fees
    Fees and Registration   No fee to study all nine courses that make up the CHI - it's free! There is no fee for studying any of the courses for the Certificate in Health Informatics. We do not ask you to provide any personal financial

  5. Breadcrumbs, gradebooks and shortcuts
    Breadcrumbs If you wish to quickly navigate back to home, click the hidotco link displayed in the ‘breadcrumb’ trail at the top left of your screen. Your home page is where a list of all your enrolled courses is

  6. I am involved in staff education and training for my healthcare enterprise. Can we make use of your courseware?
    Question I am involved in staff education and training for my healthcare enterprise.  Can we make use of your courseware?   Answer Yes, you can. These courses give you the opportunity to: Involve large numbers staff in a programme

  7. What is a VoP code?
    Question What is a VoP code?   Answer Within one week of successfully completing your first course you will be allocated a unique Verification of Participation (or VoP) code. It will look something like this: t5awew-c6atha To

  8. What's covered in the DipHI?
    HIC's accredited Diploma in Health Informatics (DipHI) is a comprehensive 17 course online program covering everything to do with Health Informatics and Healthcare Computing. Study in block or spend 7-15 minutes at the start of each

  9. How to use and navigate the elearning zone www.health-informatics.co
    Question How should I access and use this site?   Answer To enrol in a course simply read the course description (taking note of any pre-requisites) and then click on the course name. If you are not already logged in you will be asked

  10. Is there any computer programming in the course?
    Question I am a programmer. Will this course be all about stuff I already know?   Answer Almost certainly not.  Informatics is all about information governance and management, not about IT or computer programming – although of course it

  11. Navigating the elink pages
    On the elink pages, at the top right, please note that you will need to click on the elink logo shown below to be taken to the reading materials: If you discover any elinks that do not work on your browser or device, please let us